Lost Scrolls of Archimedes (Lost Artifacts)
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Read the great review of Lost Scrolls of Archimedes posted on the book review blog, FanFiAddict

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Text of Readers' Favorite review by K.C. Finn of Lost Scrolls of Archimedes

Lost Scrolls of Archimedes is a work of historical fiction set in the ancient times of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman society, and was penned by author Tom Roberts. True to the brutality and hard living of those times, the book contains explicit language usage, scenes of a sexual nature and graphic violence. The first in the Lost Artifacts saga of historical stories, this novel focuses on the brilliant and devastating ideas of the great Greek scholar, Archimedes. We meet young Marcus, a student of the great man, who intends to protect his scrolls with his very life. But when one goes missing and gives the Roman Consul Octavian a chance at building a weapon of mass destruction, Marcus must do all he can to counter the attack.

I adore ancient history and its many adaptations, and there are some really excellent educational points in this tale for readers to learn about Archimedes and his influence on physics and scientific invention. These lessons are woven into a truly compelling narrative that contains plenty of action, interpersonal drama and big adventure thrills along the way. Author Tom Roberts puts lots of effort into the creation of a realistic atmosphere in which to set the action, bringing the difficult and hard-edged lives of ancient people to life. Marcus too is a highly relatable character with a modern kind of intelligence that the audience can get behind, yet he fits his period well. Overall, Lost Scrolls of Archimedes is a true must-read for ancient history fans.

Review by K.C. Finn

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Lost Scrolls of Archimedes now available on Amazon

I'm excited to announce that Lost Scrolls of Archimedes, is now available on Amazon. The historical novel, set in ancient Alexandria, mixes a coming-of-age story with an exciting saga of radical technology in the hands of reckless ambition.

  • Available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook.

  • A great escape from the stress of today's headlines.

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Lost Scrolls of Archimedes Set for Publication

Raven Cliffs Publishing Announces a release Date of March 15th for Tom Roberts' award-winning historical novel, Lost Scrolls of Archimedes.

  • Available soon for pre-orders on Amazon in both paperback and eBook.

  • Non-Amazon distribution to bookstores, libraries, and other retail outlets through IngramSpark.


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Gold Level Badge for 2019 Royal Palm Literary Award

2019 Royal Palm Literary Awards

The Royal Palm Literary Awards are presented by the 2019 Florida Writers Association at their annual conference. My wildest dream came true when my novel, Lost Scrolls of Archimedes, was awarded the GOLD award for the top-scoring unpublished historical novel of 2019. Sign up now for my newsletter to get the date and retail outlets where you can purchase this riveting and thoughtful story of history that might have been. I plan a publication date in March 2020.

See the full press release here.

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